Where I Stand


Published in 2008 by Hybrid Publishers.

Told through the eyes of a doctor, these narratives explore the question of what it means to confront life in all its manifestations, to suffer and be human. Raphael Bloom meets a fascinating and complex range of patients who come to him, not only to be healed physically but to grapple with existential problems of meaning, disappointment and hope. Through these encounters, he explores issues of faith and individual purpose in an alienating hard-edged world, of anger and forgiveness, of despair and creative fortitude.

Set in Melbourne, these compassionate and compelling stories achieve universal resonance, while the characters will live on in your mind long after you turn the last page.

Serge Liberman’s writing is eloquent, luminous and accomplished.

“Imaginative and sensitive … meticulously crafted.”

Professor Manfred Jurgensen